Around the World in 180 Days

When I dream of a really great big travel adventure, I’d figure out if around the world in 180 days is doable.

Let’s see….

Start off by determining there are 7 continents in the world to visit. Divide 180 / 7 and you get about 25 days per continent. Realistically though, would I want to spend 25 days in Antarctica for example? No, but I would definitely want to visit it. So I would plan a route that gets me to Patagonia at the southern tip of Argentina. I’d probably fly into Buenos Aires and spend at least 1 week there. I would then head over to Mendoza because it’s wine country and I would like a nice relaxing visit to the vineyards there. I’d continue on to see Ushuaia so would stop there for a few days before heading out on a boat to Antarctica. Upon returning back to Patagonia I would continue on up to Chile. Then on up to Peru, Ecuador, Columbia, Panama. Spending at least 5-7 days in each capital city. From there I’d fly over to the caribbean and island hop for another week or more. Then I could fly to an east coast gateway city, maybe New York City to catch a transatlantic flight to Iceland. Would I see the Aurora Borealis while in Iceland? It depends on the time of year so that is another consideration I’d have to factor in the overall trip planning. From Iceland it’s an easy flight over to Europe, maybe to Finland since I’ve been there already and like it I’d stay a few days to tour the outskirts of Helsinki and surrounding islands. I’ve pretty much done most of Europe so I wouldn’t focus too much on staying there. I haven’t been to the middle east or the rest of Asia so I’d carefully plan to visit 2 or 3 countries in each area. More of Russia would be nice as well as a jaunt over to Mongolia. Then onto China, Japan and a flight across the pacific to somewhere like Alaska. If that wasn’t doable I’d go to a major gateway city on the west coast, maybe Seattle or San Francisco or Los Angeles. Then I could grab a flight to Australia via New Zealand perhaps, (I did that before but didn’t stay long enough) Once done with Australia I could fly back to Asia, like Thailand, visit some great beaches, before heading over to India. From India I’d like to find a way to Madagascar or the Seychelles. Not sure if it would be possible to fly next to Dubai otherwise might have to backtrack through India. If so, I’d grab a flight to Israel and spend at least 2 weeks there because that’s been on my bucket list for some time. From Israel I could across the mediterranean to a European city, such as Paris, before heading on to the next place or back home.

It’s just a dream though and to make it a reality would take a lot of detailed research and planning, something I enjoy doing. Matching it to a budget would also be another process to make it a success. Someday I’ll see how much of this I can actually do and blog about it. Until then I can dream about going Around the World in 180 days.

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