Hotel in Biarritz: Best Western Plus Karitza

Here is a review on a hotel in Biarritz that I would recommend. It is the Best Western Plus Karitza. (There is another Best Western hotel in Biarritz but this is the one I like) In trying to find a reasonably priced hotel in summertime in Biarritz was a bit difficult. Ideally it would’ve been […]

Driving to Biarritz, France

Driving to Biarritz, France I drove from Bordeaux to Biarritz in the SouthWest of France. It is normally a 2.5 hour drive but I wanted to see the gigantic sand dunes near Arcachon so I stopped there. It was the third week of August so many French are still out on their annual holiday vacations. […]

Hotel in Bordeaux, France

Hotel in Bordeaux, France Recently I had the pleasure of traveling to Bordeaux, France which is in the Gironde region. It is a wine production area as it is naturally warm and sunny with perfect conditions for vineyards to grow. has a lot of great, inexpensive flights to fly within Europe so check them out […]