Tsarkoye Selo, Russia

Russia Travel to Tsarkoye Selo

The Tsarkoye Selo means Tsar’s Village. It dates back to the 17th century. It is a small enclave reached by a 30-minute bus ride to Pushkin, Russia. It is not to be missed, though I would have, had it not been for my daughter’s Professor at the European University of St. Petersburg (EUSP). He insisted we go along with his small class as this is an integral part of St. Petersburg history. It is also where the pretty robin-egg blue Imperial Palace of Catherine the Great resides.

Catherine Palace1

There is great history here as this palace was host to many dignitaries, intellectual thinkers, and politicians in pre-revolution Russia days. This palace is set in a serene wooded setting with a large pond that lends to quiet contemplative walks. The second-floor balcony that wraps around the palace gives such magnificent views of the countryside that I could see how imperial officials would need a rest from their heady discussions to take a moment to enjoy the surrounding nature.

Overlooking the pond at Catherine Palace


The striking features of the palace ornamented in gold, white and robin-egg blue make for many touristic photographs. Once inside, there is one breath-taking room after another to admire the grandeur and splendor that was once Imperial Russia.



From the great room that hosted hundreds in formal dining events to the private side room decorated in Chinese antiques that Catherine herself was fond of using to change clothes or take a break.



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