Unknown Territory

I went into unknown territory yesterday…

Well, actually I didn’t TRAVEL to a place so much as I went there on my own through blogging.

This is actually about the technical aspects to blogging that every blogger faces at some point in their blog site development. I am using WordPress and have found it to be pretty straightforward and relatively easy to use. There are a billion (don’t know actual count) PlugIns for WordPress that enable further cool features on your website. Some of these features are visible to the visitor to the site but most PlugIns are to help with technical aspects related to the backside of the blog site. For example, there are several third-party mail services that let a blogger create cool sign up forms and newsletters. I’m using MailChimp and find it easy to use.

But yesterday I got carried away.

I was looking into things like how to speed up the caching of my blog site so I installed a WP PlugIn for that. Then I was looking into how to create clever and cute 404 “not found” pages. And found several PlugIns for that. I even installed one that shows a Maintenance Mode page for when your blog site is under construction. I was thinking to put that on a few of the undeveloped pages I have set up for future use. I figure it’s frustrating for viewers to come to my site and click on the “guest writers” page and find a message saying “Apologies, but the page you requested could not be found. Perhaps searching will help.” I can see that would get frustrating looking through the archives and not finding any other writers than Travalerie herself. 😛

But I do plan on adding guest writers eventually. I’ve already talked to 3 people and asked them to write a brief article. So that is in the works. In the meantime I wanted a way to alert readers what’s in store and to sign up for my newsletter to get new blog posts as they come out. Like this right here

If you are one of those viewers who happened to come across my site yesterday and found it down, I apologize for the mess I created when I ventured into the unknown territory. Well, to be honest, it’s not completely unknown territory. My host provider company HostGator provides a lot ways to enable a blog site to be secure and download fast for the viewer. But live and learn. I had to call them up and first clean up the 403 error forbidden entry message that everybody was getting. It might as well have been a visit to the DMZ zone trying to cross into North Korea.

Unknown Territory
Unknown Territory

Once that was fixed I still couldn’t get back into my WP administration panel so I had to disable all of the neat PlugIns I had installed. One by one I have re-installed them with a lot of caution on a couple of the new ones I was “playing” with yesterday. I will not be installing them back as I fear they led to my journey into the unknown territory.

This is like a lesson in life that travelers understand. You push the envelope to go to new places and see new sights and have new experiences. It’s usually quite exhilarating to be in such a position. It’s only when you venture into the unknown territory without really knowing what to expect when you learn. You may come upon obstacles and other assorted things to deal with but at least you are dealing with it because after all you want to keep going forward and get to the good places.

So being a blogger (and not just a travel blogger) sends you into unknown territory especially the longer you blog. Eventually you become this savvy, experienced veteran knowing the ins and outs of your blog site making it a great place for your viewers to come and rest their feet awhile on their own journeys.

Let me know in the comments section below this article what your unknown territory has been either through traveling or blogging or both. Cheers!

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