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The Wonderful Benefits of Walking Tours for You and a Sustainable Earth

This one doesn’t need explanation. We know that it’s a sustainable practice unless you have mobility issues. Even then, there are canes and walking sticks to support your desire to get outdoors and walk.

  • What are some sustainable walking tours?
  • Can I go alone or in a group?
  • Is it easier to just get a guidebook and do it myself?

What is the difference between walking, trekking and hiking?

  • Walking tours are generally at an easy-to-manage level. These are not strenuous tours but do allow you to experience the sights up close and personal.
  • Trekking is a bit more strenuous in that you may be hiking up a hill or a mountain to get to a promising view. It may be the tour’s focus or it may be part of a tour. 
  • Hiking is something you can easily do at your own pace, with or without an experienced guide. You can hike on level ground, hills, or mountains. 

 A very popular way of walking is the famed Camino de Santiago Pilgrimage Way in Spain. This historical walk has been in existence for over a thousand years. It started around 900 AD when the remains of St. James the Apostle was found in Northern Spain. A shrine was erected in the city of Santiago de Compostela. There are many routes starting in Europe and all leading to this one shrine where a “pilgrim”, that is, one who walks on one of the many paths, earns a stamp in their specially made passport for this trip. It’s a unique experience and hundreds of thousands make the journey every year.

It is truly a sustainable way to travel, learn, meet new people, and see the sights. 

However, you don’t need to be religious to make this walking trip. In fact, there are many tour operators that specialize in walking tours, from luxury to budget. Here are just a few;

Intrepid Travel offers both self-guided and small walking tours with 30 years of experience.

Country Walkers started in Vermont over 40 years ago exploring their local region, eventually heading up international walking tours too.

Backroads has 40 years of experience in leading walking tours around the globe.

Classic Journeys offers luxury walking tours in small groups of 8-10 people to destinations around the world.

You can go it alone, armed with the right maps and information

GetYourGuide is a travel company founded by young students who wanted to know what to see and do in locations they visited. It occurred to them that others felt the same way and so they started this company by making destination maps to a variety of places, all aimed at giving the traveler a unique way to see the sights on their own. 

Whichever way you choose to explore, walking will always remain the number one way to be a sustainable traveler. Just remember to use a sustainable mode of transportation to get to your destination first. 🙂

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